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Subject: Re: Drury/Drewery Lawson(1756-1847) I'm so confused!!!!!
Author: oldnate
Date: Monday, October 17, 2016
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lawson

I viewed some of the piblic trees at Ancestry, I see what you mean. William the Rebel?
. Wurteh WU-TE-WAH Corn Tassel Bird Watts. 1741-1814. Tasigi Town, Crockett, Cherokee Nation East Virginia. This is some of what I went by. Nathaniel b. 1728 as his Father. Wurty Wutty Wur-Teh; There was no wtitten language for the Cherokee Indain. No paper trail. She would put the mans things outsice the home to get a divorce. She concived Drury Lawson with Nathaniel Lawson when he was on the long hunt. Her son Bob Benge had red hair and blue eyes. He attacked the white settelers. They broke many promises to the Indian. Wurteh was married at least 4 times. She is

#1105 number on the Cherokee Indian Roll.found this. Its hard to read because of the way its written out but NOTE the Black Sal info here. She was Elizabeth Dougherty, daughter or grand daughter of Cornelius Dougherty. Dougherty is spelled and miss spelled a dozen ways but here is the crux of it. She was supposed to be Drewery/Drury’s mother. I found a reference to it where a direct descendant was stating it was true. I am trying to find that reference now and will send it as well. Nathan LAWSON b ca 1755 VA was a licensed Indian Trader. It was quite common for Indian Traders to take a Cherokee “wife” and often had two or three, each living in different villages over a large territory. It was also necessary as the Cherokee would have killed them in times of unrest or war if they were not “married” into the tribe – and the truth is many were simply taking advantage of opportunities. That said, Nathan LAWSON b 1755 VA has also been connected to Wurteh/Wurtah also misspelled a dozen ways. It is entirely possible Elizabeth “Black Sal” and Wurteh were the same person. And it is also true that there were several Wurteh named females at that time. From my Cousins research.