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Subject: Re: Giarratana from Sicily to Newark, NJ
Author: Celtichart
Date: Saturday, December 23, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Giarratana Hart

I showed your posting to my husband and we believe that you are my husband's cousin. Our information (which isn't much) shows that there were five brothers and one sister, Joseph, Anthony, Thomas, Enrico (who changed his name to Fred Hart), Samuel and Kate.
Enrico married three times, first as Enrico Giarratana to Ruth Flemm, second as Fred Giarratana to Maria Betty Gugel, and the third time as Fred Hart to Marjorie Heiney (my husband's mother). Enrico/Fred worked for Anheiser Busch, first in delivery than as a bottler.
Was your father Joseph a boxer under the name Joe Hart?
Please email me directly at I'd love to trade information.