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Subject: Re: beacall
Author: maria
Date: Sunday, September 9, 2001
Classification: Query

Hi Neil,
I remember going to visit your mum and dad with my nan and mum when i was a kid,I'm June Beacalls daughter. Sorry to hear about your dad i didn't know.
My Grandmother was married to Thomas William Beacall your dads brother she passed away in 1991.
I'm looking for information about a baby my grandmother had before she was married to tommy,he knew about the baby and all the other beacalls knew about this child,all that we know is when the child that was a girl called Dorreen was taken ill at around the age of 2 she went into hospital but then nobody seen her again.If you could would you ask your mother if she knows anything about this nothing will shock me i've heard alot of storys about this but just trying to get to the bottom of it.Some of are family believe my grandmother had her as she had been raped my her own father so any information you might know or your mum would be really helpful.I have the family tree of the Beacalls i could send you it if you want i think it goes back to the 1400's nice to hear from you Neil thanks for getting in contact maybe we will chat again thanking you Maria