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Subject: Re: granville and mary "polly" goins
Author: louisedunn75
Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2001
Classification: Query
Surnames: GOINS, JONES

Granville Goins was realy James Granville Goins. His father was Shadrack Goins from Granger Co, Tennessee. There are so many Shadracks in the Goins family that iam not sure that the Shadrack is the old Shadrack Goins ,from Patrick Co, Va. He died in Granger Co, and his will was probated in Patrick Co, Va. He was the father of 21 children,probly from more than one wife.
Granville and Mary (Polly) had around 13 children. Mahalie Jane,James L.,Rachael,Betsy Jane, Mary, William,Martha,Noah,Dotson,John,Roland,Nancy,Frances.
James L married a Melvina Goins( probly a cousin) Rachael married a Josh Jones,and Dotson married a Erelda Goins(probly another cousin) Lots of the early Goins married cousins,cause they wonted to keep the blood pure. That was their reasonning then. I have the dates of deaths of Granville and Mary Goins children. Some died in Indian Terriotry in Okahoma. You can reach me through my e-mail. I very seldum look at this forem. Good Luck . Louise Goins Dunn