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Subject: Seeking children of Aida Josefina Pineda de Mendoza-Guatemala
Author: paulenecoen
Date: Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mendoza, Morales, Sandoval, Pineda, Quiroa

Aida Josefina Pineda de Mendoza and Miguel Jose Mendoza had 4 children in Guatemala between 1944 and 1953. Miguel Jose died in Mexico in 1952/53 and Aida died September 19, 1962. Their youngest child is Miguel Angel, whom I know. I am searching for their son, Juan Jose (the oldest of the 4), and their 2 daughters (cannot recall their names after all these years).

Juan Jose and his 2 sisters emigrated to either Connecticut or New York in the 1950's. They visited their mother in Guatemala at least once and their brother, Miguel, visited them in New York/Connecticut once, about 1964. Also, these children have an uncle Rodolfo Pineda (Aida's brother) and an uncle Guillermo Morales Sandoval (Mendoza)[their father's brother]. Guillermo and his wife, Coila Garcia BolaƱos, took care of Miguel Angel after Aida passed away. Guillermo and Coila eventually emigrated to Spain.

Other possible surnames: Morales, Sandoval, Quiroga

Other family members are cousins Jose Luis Cifuentes, Ruben Cifuentes, Coila Cifuentes, and Maria Elena Cifuentes; their mother was Miguel Jose Mendoza's sister.

Aida had a 2nd husband [name unknown] and they had a son born about September 19, 1962 in Guatemala City, name unknown.

If you have anyone on your tree that could be one of these persons I would love to hear from you.