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Subject: Re: Ballylongford Wallace's
Author: Maura Quane
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Classification: Query

I may be able to give you some information, I have pasted a document with my family history and I am aware that all but one of the children of William Wallace & Margaret Molneaux emigrated to USA. John Wallace only remained in Ireland.


Rusheen, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry
Generation #1
Thomas Wallace

There are two Thomas Wallis mentioned in the Ballylongford parish records during the first half of the nineteenth century.
The first is mentioned in the baptism record of a James Wallis, son of Thomas Wallis and Mary Lynch of Rusheen, baptised 24th November, 1824. This is the only mention of this family in the Ballylongford records
The second Thomas Wallis mentioned married a Margaret Kean on 1st January 1824. The following children are recorded for this couple:
John Wallis: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 28th March 1827
Mary Wallis (i): Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 23rd August 1829
Margaret Wallis: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 24th May 1836
Mary Wallis (ii): Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 1st May 1841
More about John Wallis
Baptised: 28th March 1827. Sponsors were Jeremiah Foley and Bridget Kean
More about Mary Wallis (i)
Baptised: 23rd August 1829. Sponsors were Michael Kenelly and Joana Lynch
More about Margaret Wallis
Baptised: 24th May 1836. Sponsors were Patrick Keane and Catherine Keane
More about Mary Wallis (ii)
Baptised: 1st May 1841. Sponsors were Michael Kean and Ann Enright
While it is impossible to say conclusively what the relationship of William Wallace was to either of the two Thomas detailed above it is virtually certain that he was related to one or both of them. One could speculate that William was the son of Thomas Wallis and Margaret Keane – this would certainly seem the more plausable scenario because the last recorded child of Thomas Wallis and Mary Lynch was James, baptised in 1824, and William was not born for a further 23 years, whereas there are baptism records for children born to Thomas Wallis and Margaret Keane right up to 1841,

Generation #2
William Wallace Born 1847 (approx)
More about William Wallace
Occupation: Land Steward
Married: Margaret Molyneaux 12th Feb 1873
Civil Marriage record of William Wallace and Margaret Molyneaux
William Wallace and family, 1901 Census
Generation #3
Children of William Wallace and Margaret Molyneaux
John Wallace: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 27th January, 1875
Michael Wallace: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 26th March, 1878
Margaret Wallace: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, c.1880
Mary Wallace: Born Rusheen Ballylongford, 22nd July, 1881
James Wallace: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 20th April, 1883
Norah Wallace: Born 1887 (approx)
Julia Wallace: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 5th February 1889
Bridget (Delia) Wallace: Born Rusheen, Ballylongford, 21st August, 1893
More about John Wallace
Baptised: 30th January 1875. Witnesses were James Keane & Margaret Keane
Occupation: National School Teacher, Farmer, Surveyor, Shopkeeper, Publican
Married: Lizzie Deenihan, 18th Feb, 1912
Died: 1941
Photo of John Wallace
Civil Marriage record of John Wallace and Lizzie Deenihan
More about Michael Wallace
Baptised: 27th March 1878. Witnesses were Thomas Archer and Mary Jones
Drowned accidentally at Ballylongford on 20th September, 1898
Michael Joseph Wallace memorium card
More about Margaret Wallace:
Died: Perished with sister Bridget (Delia) when the Lusitania was torpedoed off Kinsale, 7th May 1915
Photo of Margaret Wallace (i)
Photo of Margaret Wallace (ii)
Memorial card for Margaret and Delia
More about Mary Wallace
Baptised: 23rd July 1881. Witnesses were Paul Jones and Helen Jones
More about James Wallace
Baptised: 21st April 1883. Witnesses were Edmond Molyneaux and Elizabeth Molyneaux
More about Norah Wallace
More about Julia Wallace
Baptised: 6th Feb 1889. Witnesses were Richard Wallace and Elizabeth Wallace
More about Bridget Wallace
Baptised: 22nd August 1893. Witnesses were Thomas Wallace and Margaret Wallace
Died: Perished with sister Margaret when the Lusitania was torpedoed off Kinsale, 7th May 1915
Photo of Margaret and Delia in a car
Generation #4
Family of John Wallace and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Deenihan
Paddy Wallace
Jim Wallace
Mick Wallace
Joe Wallace
Frank Wallace: Born Ballylongford, 31st May 1919
More about Frank Wallace
Married Alice Teresa Culhane, Liverpool, 1942
Generation #5
Family of Frank Wallace and Alice Culhane
Elizabeth Wallace
Pat Wallace
John Wallace
Denise Wallace: Born Longford, 22nd April 1948
Frank Wallace
Gerard Wallace
Dolores Wallace