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Subject: Re: Missing information in the parish records of L'ubotin?
Author: JPmiaou
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Classification: Query

The thing that stuck out to me is that there are a grand total of 10 baptisms recorded in 1848. The parish was larger than that -- it had 430 RC residents circa 1850, per Fényes Elek (, plus RC residents of Jesztreb (74), Oroszvólya (10), Obrucsnó (22), Csircs (65), and probably Gyurkó (81). I think 682 people can be expected to have more than 10 children among them in a year.

I wonder if there were multiple birth registers -- one per officiant? -- but only the one survived? Either that, or a significant portion of the village had some sort of beef against the priest and boycotted him? I'd think there'd be some sort of record of either of these scenarios, though, and I don't see anything in the images on FS.