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Subject: Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland
Author: RickLarsonCT
Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019
Classification: Query

If the burials were long ago...say more than 100 years...they are likely gone. Sweden only has so much land so if maintenance on the grave is not being paid after a certain lengthy period of time (75 years I think) they take away the stone and re-use the plot.

You can also look here -

You don't need to learn much Swedish to be able to research in the records and it is usually safe to assume that if you write to someone in Sweden they probably can read English. You could use Google Translate to send a Swedish version as well. I have never tried to write to a church in Sweden so can't give advice there.

I will see if I can find anything on the place names. The church records for Morup don't make it easy. Usually each book starts with an index of farm names, Morup's records don't