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Subject: Re: Samuel and Maria DeRuin DeMarest Family
Author: Loïc Druenne
Date: Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: DeRuine, de Ruine, Druine, Druinne, Druenne, Druesne, Druesnes, de Ruesne, etc.

Dear all,

This topic is very old and there is quite a risk that no one will read it anymore. However, if someone comes across this message and is interested in the families de Ruine, Druine, Druenne, Druesne, Druesnes, de Ruesne, de Ruesnes, etc. - please be in touch! You can join me easily through the contact form on The website is mainly in French, but it contains a translation tool.

Best regards,

L. Druenne