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Subject: Re: 1833 or 1834 Utica City Directory Online?
Author: mattdaly31
Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Masset, Masseth

I’m trying to find some reference of my 4x great grandparents, Francis Xavier and Mary Ann Masseth. They arrived in America from Alsace Lorraine on 11 June 1832. An old family tree from the 1970s lists their infant daughter Catherine as dying in August 1832 in Utica and their son Ignatius being born in September 1832 in Utica.

They later came to Rochester, NY where they spent the rest of their lives. Family lore claims they came to Rochester upon immediately coming to America but I can’t find a record of them in Rochester until 1837-1838. They had another child in 1836 who doesn’t show up in Rochester baptisms as well. I’m thinking they may have been in Utica during this time.

They were catholic so I’m interested in the early Catholic Church records in Utica as well. I’m assuming there were only one or two parishes there during that time but I know that names can change over time so I’m not sure what the original name of the church was or where those records might be found.

They’re a bit hard to track because “Francis Xavier Masseth” often appeared using only his middle name and showed up as “Havern” or “Hav” or Frank X on some documents. His surname also showed up as Masset or Masett, and variations of that.