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Subject: Clay county birth records look-up 1892 & 1895 - help please
Author: Marcella Martineau Roe
Date: Thursday, April 9, 2015
Classification: Query
Surnames: Brand, Brandt, Fredericks, Hiebert

I'm helping a 86 year old man who is trying to locate the birth record of his father and his uncle (father's brother) - both born out of wed-lock in Moorehead. He has an extracted birth record of the father which says 'male Brandt' born 16 Jan 1895 in city of Moorhead. Name of father "William" - no last name - mother is "Helen" no last name given. Her maiden name is Brand sometimes spelled Brandt. Her name is Helena but sometimes listed as 'Helen" This 'male child' is Royal Frederick Heibert (adopted by step-father, Henry Hiebert.)

The first child of William and Helen was named "Fred Frederick" (or Fredericks) but is probably not named on birth record - born 23 Aug 1892 - died 1910. Fred was raised by mother's parents, John and Helen Brand

My friend would like to know if there is any additional information on the original birth records - and could possibly someone look at original records or possibly make photocopies or digital copies of both birth records. He, of course, is looking for clues to last name of unwed father - which might be "Fredericks," who was said to have been a logger in the North Woods where mother, Helen/Helena Brand was a cook.

Any help appreciated - my friend is very willing to reimburse any costs.

Thanks so much