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Subject: Re: south carolina Pringles
Author: Dolores Pringle
Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Classification: Query

It is always good to hear from a PRINGLE! I will be happy to send you a copy of the pages. There were no "publication" pages as they appeared to have disappeared years ago. My father-in-law, Samuel Mayes Pringle, Sr., borrowed the Bible from a woman who was a distant cousin and lived out of state. This was so long ago, and I was just getting names, names, etc. and not too knowledgeable about documentation so I didn't worry.
As an aside, we have a precious PRINGLE grandson, just turned two, and are expecting a new grandaughter, named Mayes Elizabeth Jefferies UNGER, (and she will be called Mayes), any day. I am in Charleston for our daughter's b'day, yesterday, and just staying a day or so extra to see what happens and maybe I won't have to hurry back from Myrtle Beach. SOOOOOO, I am not at home. I should be there in a few days as I don't think Betsy is going anytime real soon. If you will send your address to or, I will send it to you ASA I get home.
I have been concentrating on the PRINGLEs lately and working on the families buried out at Concord, and I've sort of worked my way backward. I found some additional dates of another William's death looking back over some papers and believe that it may prove there was William husb. of Mary McCOY and William (their son) who md. Elizabeth MCCOY. Elizabeth was the sister of Redden MCCOY and Redden married Susan PRINGLE.

Susan PRINGLE is buried at the little cemetery behind Mr. FINCHER's house as well as their brother John PRINGLE who md. Elizabeth NEWMAN (they left four daughters; no sons). I want that cemetery cleaned up so that the PRINGLES buried there could have some kind of small markers added for them. I used to be able to purchase them fr. one guy in the Upstate for $25 - not too long ago. Susan PRINGLE MCCOY needs her graved marked as Redden is her husband and has a nice DAR marker. John was killed by slaves one day, so family legend has it,while working on the banks of the Black River. I cannot find documentation of this, but he did die somewhere about his early 40's. One of their girls married a FOXWORTH and this brings in a FOXWORTH tie to the PRINGLES.
I have also done a good bit of research on the first wife of Elijah PRINGLE (#1)'s first wife, Francis MCCOY. They married abt 1819; Isabella Jane was born 1820; Sarah was born abt 1823-1824. Sarah's birth coincides pretty closely with Francis' death. Elijah married Rebecca Frances McBRIDE WITHERSPOON 1825 or 1827, acc. to an estate sale on her first husband's estate. Sarah must not have lived long but Isabella Jane was living when Redden McCOY, her grandfather, wrote his will. There is nothing further on her, although the general feeling is that she died as a young girl. I am still looking!!!
The PRINGLE Bible has a couple of very poorly copied pages. They are some early family lists of children, and I tried to decipher the handwriting and typed them up. I will send you both copies and you can see if you agree with me.
Good to hear from you, and I am sorry I didn't get to you sooner! Let's just say my life is a bit crazy.
Dolores Pringle