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Subject: Re: KEACH, George W. and Elizabeth B. MOSES
Author: Monica MacKeachan
Date: Monday, April 20, 2015
Classification: Query
Surnames: Keach, Moses, Martin, Gardner, Lienemann, Jacox, Burke

Thank you for the information.

Many years have gone by and I am going through places trying to figure out where my research left off and where I want to start now. George Keach is still my primary person of interest. Now I can look at the Gardner, Martin and Moses families ( with 1774 - Rhode Island as a focal point) for clues. My George Keach did not have children with Elizabeth (Gardner Martin) Moses, but I have come across another post that has the names Martin and Keach, so I think this was not the first union between Martin and Keach.

I found a jpg copy on my computer that I had downloaded years ago; 1910 U.S. Census from a Wisconsin insane Asylum showing to be an inmate there one Geo Keach, married and aged 43, which would give him a birth date of abt. 1867. I did a google search for "'George Keach' AND 1910" on the internet and found a post on this rootsweb website. In this post (which I cut and paste most of below) the names Martin and Keach are together in the same family, but the birth date of the other George Martin (Keach) was 1863. In any case neither of these George Keaches appear to connect with the George Keach who claims to have been born in (1808 -) 1819 in North Adams, Massachusetts (according to his marriage license to Elizabeth Moses) at a time when there was no "North" Adams, Massachusetts.

Any thoughts ?

Do you have any more information ?

" (from another person's post) George Keach was born 23 Oct 1863 under the name George O. Martin to William and Malinda Jane York Martin. He married Katie V. Lienemann in 1884, had a son - William E. Martin - moved to Wisconsin for a time, then it appears he left his wife and child and his family assumes that he has died.

He shows up in Salt Lake City, Utah, as described above, and then he disappears from his supposed gold mining trip and his family assumes he's dead. He then moves to Sacramento, CA where he works for a furniture company, later opening his own - The Home Furniture Company - in downtown Sacramento. He remarries Nora Jacox and they have three children. He leaves this family and moves to Riverside, CA, where he later marries Anne J. Burke and has three children with her. He died 25 Apr 1944 in Riverside, CA under the name of George Keach."