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Subject: Arthur Robert William Roosevelt owens stoddard co. Missouri
Author: littlebit_bennett
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Classification: Query
Surnames: Owens Wamble Brown

I am looking for any info on my great grandfather. My mom and uncles and aunts remember him well, they called him grandpa aut. He was born in 1903 died 1979. My mom and aunts and uncles actually hated the man. They grew up with him as my memaw, vivian eileen owens ended up being a single mom off and on till all the time single mom as "jimmy" james Eldridge Christian took off alot then never came back. Finally. I do know james Eldridge parents tried to get my memaw to live with them to help her. She would not. To proud. Arthur's full given name is Arthur Robert William Roosevelt Owens. This full name is also on his gravestone in dogwood Missouri. He is easy to find. He is bout middle in, right next to the paved access road. Passenger side u can see it while driving through there. . My memaw took me there. Authur was married to Erma Theo Wamble. Their children are vivian, norma jean, Shirley, married name was brown, she was married to Kenneth. They divorced. She still calls him her husband . . I dont know why. If u are related to us and know her, then u know why lol
my great aunt shirley is still alive, Arthur (we call him uncle artie) owens. He is still alive. Patsy, Rodger and Earl. Find nellie and arthur listes with ida owens as mom, but i also see him listed in right age group with nellie, him listed as Arthur r r with a eugene and mary owens. I have no idea if its the same people or not. Family gossip from my mother and aunts and uncles say arthurs mom killed her self after his dad ran off. What i do know is aut was a violent drunk. Mean. Everyone in my family, his grandchildren hated him. Now they adored grandma owens. They worshipped the ground she walked on. My oldest uncles said they had to peel arthur (aut) off their grandmother many times. He would beat her. Im given all this info to those of u related to me may remember something. I have seen norma jeans photos in here. I recognized her immediately. So i know i have family on here though my memaw vivian eileen's brothers and sisters kids. Arthur was said to he raised by some people by the last name Baker after his mom died and his dad took off. Im having a fit finding him. Like i said, there is two sets of people with same kids listed right time frame, and im struggling to figure out which. Or they are same people. I dont know. I have tried to hunt this mans family down for 15 years!any help would be great. These people are from east prairie mo. My g grandma owens had her kids in essex mo. Memaw (vivian) showed me the house they where born in. Its gone now. So stoddard and Mississippi co. Missouri. Thanks in advance for anything someone might have.