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Subject: Huntington's Disease (HD) NSW QLD Australia - travelling salesman
Author: Tonia Bootle
Date: Sunday, August 5, 2018
Classification: Query

I'm looking for more info on HD Genealogy, in my case in the New South Wales and Queensland states.
I am looking for more info on families in the 1900's going forward due to a brick wall in my research. I'm trying to find out who my biological maternal grandfather was, as he had Huntington's disease and my grandmother had an affair with him in January 1955, which resulted in mum, who passed away from HD in 2009. I'd dearly love to know who he was and hopefully a little more about him.
The only information I have on him is that he lived in regional QLD, he had HD and therefore would have died in 1960's/1970's, he was a travelling salesman along the NSW and QLD coast, and his first name was short, like Ray or Roy.
My grandmother's name was Beryl and I believe she was living in Yeronga, QLD at the time. My aunt remembers travelling for several hours to Innisfail for my nan to visit this man. In the late 1950's, she recalls visiting him in a park at Shorncliffe or Sandgate, and noticed he had movements then.