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Subject: Black Alabama Malones
Author: J.A.L.Miller, Jr.
Date: Sunday, March 7, 1999
Classification: Query
Surnames: Malone, Norsworthy, Hollinger, Bellinger

Circa 1802, my (white) Thomas Malone was asst Indian agent, magistrate, land agent Ft St Stephens, Ala. Circa 1800 he came via land (Indian nation passport) and raft from Raleigh, N.C., where 1799 he was land clerk. He was originally from Warren Co., N.C. The old book (Pickett's?) of Alabama Biography recounts children drowning in raft upsets, Indians stealing slaves, etc., it indicates te Malone-Norsworthy party took many slaves with him. After St. Stephens, Malone lived Wakefield (Washington Co., Ala.?) and thence to "Milford", Mobile, for a long time to his death. If there are any black Malones possibly associated with the Mobile, Wakefield, St Stephens Malone family, I'd be happy to share my Malone family histoy to help you with yours. Ditto any black Alabama Hollingers. Cuz'n Jim Note: Black Bellinger familr re-union this July 4th, Charleston, S.C. These are the Ashepoo Barony and Tombotly Barony origin black Bellingers, people of Southern politeness (even those now from the North), spiritual values, often well educated, teachers, lawyers, wealthy industrialist, military officers, friendship, love. If you are a black Bellinger, let me help. Cuz'n Jim