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Subject: Re: Bryant McLeod b. 1812 NC
Author: gregpettijohn
Date: Monday, September 19, 2011
Classification: Query

Burrell McLeod, is Benjamin Washington McLeod. He was born in May of 1860 to Rufus and Lidia McLeod.

Rufus' father is a tough knot. He appeared in the 1850 census in the household of Bryant and Mary McLeod, but it is in question if this McLeod was even a McLeod at all and maybe he was named Rufus Oxford. I have a theory. Since Bryant and Mary Polly were married in 1840, it is impossible that she is his mother. Bryant was 28 when they married, much past the conventional age of marriage at that time, so I believe that he was married before Mary Polly Davis, and Rufus was a child of this union. Since I have not been able as of yet to find any proof of this, it is merely conjecture at this point...But I am always looking and hope to find it some day. Rufus died in Jefferson County after 1910 (I believe in 1915) so he must have a death certificate since vitals were compulsory in Alabama after 1908. I have ordered many, and sometimes they tell the parents, sometimes they don't know who the parents are. My contact from Alabama is no longer sending death certificate copies, so I'll have to wait until I can send away for it. Probably a 70 percent chance his father, mother, or both are listed on his certificate. He was last married to Susan Morrison august 11 1895, in shelby county, but he died in Jefferson county. His children I have been able to put together as of this date, are as follows:

Cicero R. McLeod
Benjamin (Burrell) Washington McLeod
Henry R McLeod
Mary Ann McLeod
Elenora Eliza McLeod
Ida Rebecca McLeod
Marion McLeod

Hope this helps, if you have found anything, let me know.