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Subject: Re: Surname Voronyak
Author: Talia D
Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Classification: Query
Surnames: Voronyak, Wronski, Wronsky

I am guessing that you are not likely to be active on here any more, but I thought I would add this piece of information I just discovered for others like me who have been searching.

My great grandmother's surname was also Voronyak, she was born to a Father who I could not trace, and a mother that had a Slovakian name with German-named ancestors. Her father was untraceable beyond her birth certificate, her birth located in Trebisov in Slovakia.

Just recently I discovered that for political reasons (still unknown), her father changed his name to Voronyak from the Polish surname Wronski. He also changed his first name from an unknown name to Ludovit/Lajos, the Slovakian version of the name Louis.

Hope this information might help others that are searching.