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Subject: Re: Surname Voronyak
Author: Hannia
Date: Thursday, September 1, 2005
Classification: Query

Some Ancient History*/http://

The present Puste Cemerne, SK went by following names :
Mark-Csemernye, Postj Cz'emerne, Mark-Cschemernye, Mark-Csemernye, Cz'emerne, Markcsemernye.

The LDS-Mormons (Family History Center) website has Greek Catholic church records for Puste Cemerne. My GUESS is the your Voronyaks were Hutsul???

There are appx 6+ Ukrainian villages w/same name Vorona (crow) or Vorony (crows).
Vorona/Vorony are also popular village names in Belarus & Russia. Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia etc also use the name, but it appears as spelling variant, Vrona/y, Vrene/y etc.

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