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Subject: Re: Paolini
Author: sallynsues
Date: Monday, March 4, 2013
Classification: Query

My mother was Edith so you are my cousin. I am working on a large comprehensive family tree that maybe we can collaborate on. Ther seems to be some confusion on grandpa's spelling. It is almost alwys listed as Ermengildo not ermenegildo , which I think was possibly part of another family. (Frnasesco and Vriginia (grassi.) Are great granparents should be Frank and Regina(the names are really close). (listed specifically in the 1930 censes) Also having some issues with grandma Helen. She grew up in an orphanage and I know a little bit about her as I spent some time with her after grandpa died and she was in a nursing home. Uncle jerry was taking care of her. Her paternal father lived close by when she was young but not sure if the denning name was her mothers or her fathers name. Have alot more info as I am sure your mother does. She is one of the people I wanted to call in the future. Was her name Molly, beacuase I have a Molly listed by itself in my mothers address book? Hope to hear from you.