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Subject: Re: McPhersons near Winchester
Author: jcg1945
Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Classification: Query

I greatly appreciate hearing from you, but I'm not a direct descendant of Nancy Ann McPherson Moore. Actually, I am a descendant of her maternal grandfather James W. McPherson's elder brother, William McPherson. Still, "its a fact, jack" that as a long-standing hobby I try to track ALL of their McPherson ancestors' descendants including Nancy's! But, from what I read here it appears that you are not one of Nancy's descendants at all but are a descendant of Louisa Pence, a girl raised by Nancy and her husband, William Perry Alred. I was raised in Manchester and knew some of their descendants personally.

Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about Louisa Pence, and your posting here is the first time I've even read or heard anything about this woman. Now, on the oft-chance that you are one of Perry and Nancy Alred's biological descendants I likely have you in my records already or at least that for your parents as well as your direct lineage back to Nancy Moore Alred. In that case I'd love to correspond with you about that whole lineage as well as your various Alred-family cousins. Chances are I know more about some of them in terms of genealogy facts than you do.

Please respond and fully identify yourself if you are one of Nancy's descendants. If not, there is literally nothing I can do to help you as things stand at the moment. If Louisa Pence was a McPherson descendant, then I'd like to track her family line as well since I do track the McPherson ancestors back to KY as well.

Here is an email address if you'd care to contact me that way rather than clutter this string further: ""

Jim Gordon

P. S.
By the way, I have LOTS of relatives of long ago buried in Bowers Cemetery some 4 miles west of Manchester and probably more buried there than in any other local cemetery actually.