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Subject: Fitzmaurice
Author: DRoda
Date: Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Michael may have been related to Frances. Do you know where they lived. Frances Fitzmaurice was born Aug. 22, 1845 in Ireland. (I don't know where.) He had two wives, the first Mary Ellen Slattery who died in about 1881 or 1882, and second wife Margaret "Maggie". Frances lived in mostly in Stone County, Missouri from what I can tell but also was in Kansas at some time since his first born child was born in Kansas. I don't have the census records with me to see when he immigrated but it may have been when he was 17. He died March 4, 1923 in Missouri. I just found out that information last month. If any of this looks like it might tie together left me know and I'll seach me records to see if that name comes up.