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Subject: Re: Cuilty Family - late 1800s
Author: acuilty
Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Classification: Query

I found your answers!!!

Caroline Murrin Cuilty: was born Carolina Cuilty Munoz 28-jan-1906. Her father was Ignacio Cuilty Campa (see 1920 census (1878-??). Her mother was Carolina Munoz Terrazas (1883-??). They were married in 1903.

Her paternal grandparents were Alejandro Cuilty Bustamante (1830-1890) and Manuela Campa Saenz (1838-????).

Her maternal grandparents were Jesus Munoz Arregui(1829-??) and Adela Terrazas Cuilty (1853-??). Adela was the daughter of General Luis Terrazas and Carolina Cuilty.

I can go back further with these if you like as well.