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Subject: Re: Texas and Louisiana del Rios
Author: CGuthries
Date: Sunday, July 25, 2010
Classification: Query

Nevermind, answered my own question:. Info for anyone else that needs it:
Natchitoches; Abstracts of Register #5 ofCatholic Church of St. Francois de Natchitoches 1800-1826, E.S. Mills
Pg 172 Entry #1044 Jose Faustino Del Rio and Maria Gertrudis Sanchez, 5, Aug. 1814, Ratification of civil marriage of 3 bans; Groom native of Nacogdoches, aged about 23 yrs, legitimate son of Jose Del Rio and Juana Cano. Bride aged 17 yrs, single, legitimate daughter of Jose Sanchez and Maria Josefa Ybarbo all of the Province of Texas; Priest F. Magnes