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Subject: Re: Gorman family
Author: Kevin_Paul_Baase
Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Classification: Query

Vernard is how the name appeared in the obit (which I thought I linked to previously, but had not): So like I said, Lois only had one son that I know of (born c. 1964), so this possibility is making a lot more sense now. I am more than willing to believe that Lois had her first marriage at age 40... probably pretty rare in those days, but not completely unheard of. (I think the perception was that if a woman was not married by 40, it was probably going to stay that way). The first time I sat down with my grandmother to start our family tree, we went over all of her aunts, uncles, and first cousins, and in my notes (which I saved from more than 20 years ago) it is pretty clear that she only gave me one marriage for Lois, which happened in the early 1960s, and they only had one kid together. His obit makes it clear to me, however, that John was married before Lois.

I definitely do remember that memorial you found for Bernard Gorman, and how he was adopted by his uncle. I don't remember how I got this name, but I had noted that John's first wife may have been named Terrill Peterson, so maybe that is the name of Bernard's mother? Funny that John apparently didn't want him, but he still got a mention in his dad's obit, even if his name was misspelled. Another funny thing about the name "Vernard" is that on John's death cert that is how his dad's name was spelled; they mailed me not only the certificate, but a correction showing that his father's name actually was Bernard. :) I would want more evidence though before linking the younger Bernard to John, but I do think we are on to something.