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Subject: "The Extraordinary Mr Wilkes"
Author: Dr Timm Rice {Wilkes}
Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Classification: Query

I have a family member in DC whom is kinda our family historian. Several years ago he told my about a book with the title above. I went to the city library and ordered the book. WHAT A BOOK. Our GGGGGGGG-father (hopefully enough G's there) John Wikes married Queen Ann's daughter Polly in 1554 I believe (divorced later). BLUE BLOOD FAMILY.
The book talks about his families wealth (Wilkes Gin Distillery) and his college days and political positions. There is a full statue of him in London on the Themes River. He is a very famous man in England's history. You must read this amazing book about what I am sure is all of our grandfather of the mid-1500's. There maybe a part of him in all of us (lol lol lol). I rather enjoyed reading about this 'extraordinary' man they called John Wilkes.
After you all read this book we should find the money and produce a family motion pitcure by 'Wilkes Family Pictures'.
From my understanding, this man may be my GGGGGGGG-father and just maybe, just maybe yours too.There are other books about him I just can't think of the other titles. Very colorful I will admit.
Enjoy the book and post a message of your thoughts.
Dr Timm