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Subject: Re: Hello from James Maiorana
Author: RoseannVito
Date: Sunday, July 24, 2011
Classification: Query
Surnames: Maiorana

Hi Did you men Barcillona Spain or Italy. My father in law Vincent Maiorana told me his Grandfather was born in Barcillona? The name can be spelled Majorana or Maiorana. He said his fathers name was Michael and his Mothers name was Theresa His Family were Builders. He also said that his father built some kind of bridge or something in the town, They had silverware with a family crest on it. His brothers went to America before him. He
joined the Merchant Marines and was an engineer and came to America in the Twentys He Married Josephine Miceli and lived in Boro Park Brooklyn, They had 4 children
Michael,Frank,Vincent and Theresa. I lived on Long Island and was married to Vincent and my children James,Robert and June went to school in Pt. Jefferson Station. In there class there was a Michael,Robert and June Maiorana. Their Fathers Name was Steven. I tried to find out if we were related but they said I doubt it. But there is something about the Maiorana noise that said differently. My father inlaw did have a sister, I belive he said his family lived out east on Long Island, when they came to this country. He said his brothers Names unknow wanted nothing to do with him for reasons unknown. I would like to find out about the Maiorana family so my children will know about their family.

I think it is terriable, that our relatives did not keep an account of their familys,and because of this we dont know anything. He did say he owned a house in Messina I bleive and sold it in the late 70 or early 80. Well at any rate I think all the Maiorans in America are related somehow and in that case. Hi. From Roseann Maiorana