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Subject: Re: Chief Tenaya Ahwahneechee was a dialect of Paiute.
Author: No_Yosemite_Miwoks
Date: Friday, February 2, 2007
Classification: Query
Surnames: yosemite indian miwok paiute

1. If you were to read the book more closely you would see when Tenaya was talking about his father "...his father was the chief of an INDEPENDENT PEOPLE, whose ancestors were of a different race". Meaning that Tenaya's father was not a Miwok. Since the rest of the Miwoks were different triblets. Also in the same chapter he was written about the Miwoks and Yokuts that they "...acknowledged by the NEIGHBORING TRIBES, who had FEARED, rather than respect him..." The Ahwahnees were surrounded by the Monos to the south (yet he had Kaweahs in his band), Mono Paiutes directly to the east and Paiutes to the Northeast. So who were these "NEIGHBORING TRIBES, WHO FEARD HIM"? The Monos and Paiutes bragged about his (war) exploits and considered him one of their who 'feared' him and who did he have war exploits against. It wasn't against the Monos and Paiutes. They hid in him out...TWICE after he left the reservation. A funny thing about that TENAYA NEVER WENT ESCAPED TO MIWOK TERRITORIES. Why is that if the Miwoks were his 'brothers'? That would indict that the Miwoks and the Ahwahnees were ancient enemies. Also the Paiutes were extremely war like AND IT WAS DOCUMENTED THAT THEY FOUGHT WITH MIWOKS. So Tenaya's father COULD NOT HAVE GONE TO LIVE WITH WAR LIKE PAIUTES if the Ahwahnees were Miwoks. They would killed him. Paiutes even had trouble getting along with their lingustic cousins the Shoshones. It would be impossible for Miwok MEN to live with Paiutes before 1880. Even C. Hart Merriam documented that.

2. There was an ancient village of Ahwahnee at Mount Tom, in Paiute territory, and that was documented.

3. Tenaya is a Paiute word.

4. Paiute 'jargon' does not mean Miwok. James Savage SPOKE Miwok and Yokut. Read Sam Ward, who knew him. Tenaya's band had Mono Paiutes, Paiutes from Bridgeport, who speak Northern Paiute a different dialect, and Monanches, another different Uto-Aztecan dialect. If Tenaya spoke Miwok, Savage would've spoke to him.

4.It is important about Jay Johnson, BECAUSE Jay Johnson ACKNOWLEDGED that Yosemite language was a dialect of Mono Paiute, and NOT Miwok. That is correct. I have that also.

5. Since you know the Southern Sierra Miwuks, you should ask them which one of them is descendent of an Ahwahnee. For Maria Lebrado to be the granddaughter of Tenaya she would have to be from his 3/4's Paiute son or daughter. It was only documented that Tenaya was married to a full blooded Paiute woman. His band was mostly made up of Paiutes and Monos so when she was captured she would have to have been raised by Paiutes.

6. Bunnell wrote "Chief Tenaya was the FOUNDER OF THE PAIUTE COLONY OF AHWAHNEE" NOT Miwok colony.

7. The Miwoks were the scouts and guides for James Savage.

8. After the death of Tenaya and most of the band the remaining survivors WERE TAKEN BACK TO MONO LAKE. Which would mean they were re-absorbed into the Mono Lake Paiute population...not only once but twice since Tenaya's father took survivors to Mono Lake.

9. There is no record of those 8 braves who 'escaped' the Paiutes wrath. There have been several written accounts of an old man and his son, that would be Lancisco Wilson and his son since they acknowledge they were descendent of Tocanula, but as I am sure you have 'researched' Lancisco Wilson was a written on his grave. So if he was one of those who escaped....he was a Paiute who escaped from Tenaya's band. His own ancestor indicates a Paiute and not Miwok. I can speak some Paiute and know what his name means and it matches the myth of Rock Chief.

10. Jay Johnson's "Miwok" ancestry is from Bautista's band, who was not an Ahwahnee, but a Poyotanee. Captain and Susie Sam were Paiutes. Mary Ann Lewis was a Yokut from Madera County.

Since this is "Rootsweb'com" I can go down EVERY ancestor of the 'so-called' Yosemite "Ahwahnee" Miwoks...there are NONE. There are only Yosemite Ahwahnee Paiutes, Miwoks from the Awalances and Bautista's band, and Yokuts.