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Subject: Re: Looking for relatives
Author: Steve Paolini
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Classification: Query

Hi Linda, thanks for the reply.
I will have to ask my father about any more information regarding his grandparents. I dont think he has a lot of info, but it is worth a try.
My grandfather Umberto was a veteran of WW1. He was in a ski trooper unit and was shot twice.
The Italian consulate gave him a citation in the mid seventies acknowledging his service during war time. I am in possesion of it as well as his certificate of citizenship from 1930.
I believe the spelling of pescara was botched during the processing (like so many names!). I know he had a brother that I don't know much about, and a sister Desolina that I remember when I was very young.
I appreciate your reponse, and will look foward to hearing from you in the future.