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Subject: Waddell family from County Monaghan, Ireland and DNA
Author: whips55
Date: Sunday, September 8, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Waddell, Russell, Morrow, Craig, Harbison, Harveston, Busby, Morrison, Reid, Lemond, Lemon, Leman, Lamont, McKay, Crozier, Gamble, Thompson,


I'm looking for information regarding the Waddell family from County Monaghan , Ireland who immigrated to Canada and the USA about 1841 or earlier. Specifically the the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area (Osgoode, Metcalfe, Russell) and in Michigan USA.

Church records from Glennan Presbyterian Chuch and St. Salvator Anglican Church have some records.

I believe there five siblings
Alexander Waddell (b) 1781 married Sarah Jane (surname possibly Russell)
Ann Waddell (b) 1789 married William Morrow married 23 Mar 1809
James Waddell (b) 1793 married Ellen Craig or Elizabeth Craig
John Waddell (b) 1794 married Elisabeth Harbison or Harveston
William Waddell (b) 1796 married a Elizabeth or Betty

Alexander Waddell and Sarah Jane had the following children
Sophia Waddell (b) 1801 married James Busby
Alexander James Waddell (b) 1803 married Ruth Nancy Morrison
William Waddell (b) 1807 married a Elizabeth or Betty children Isiah 1822, John 1824, Esther 1827
Elizabeth Waddell (b) 1811

DNA matches already connect Alexander James Waddell and Sophia (Waddell) Busby families. Hoping other descendants will take the Ancestry DNA test and post family trees as far back as able to prove ancestors.

Other possible connections are
Robert Waddell 1751 - 1811 maried Elizabeth 1758 - 13 Feb 1828 - Pullis , Monaghan, Ireland

James Waddell married Sarah had two sons twins John 1804 and Robert 1804
the sons may have married
James Waddell married Mary had a son Thomas Waddell 1826
Robert Waddell married Margaret Ann Reid and had a son Robert Alexander Waddell 1826

If you can expand on these people's descendants please contact me at .

Also post a note if you've taken the DNA test and are a descendant of the Waddell families orginating from Ireland.

Thank you.

Waddell Births in Glennan Register

Date Forename Parents Townland

30 Jan 1821 Bess Anne Francis & Anne Annaghbeg

27 Apr 1821 James James & Ellen Pullis

05 Mar 1822 Isaiah Wm & Eliz Pullis

03 Dec 1822 Samuel James & Ellen Annaghbeg

10 Jan 1823 John James &Ellen Pullis

24 Nov 1823 Margaret & Ellen Francis & Anne Augaboy

11 Aug 1824 John Wm & Eliz Pullis

27 Feb 1826 William James & Eliz Annaghbog

26 Mar 1826 Jane James & Ellen Pullis

10 May 1826 William Francis & Anne Annaghbog

08 Feb 1828 Esther Wm & Betty Pullis

29 Sep 1828 Mary Anne James & Betty Annaghbog

29 Nov 1828 Thomas Francis & Anne Annaghbog

05 Mar 1829 Sophia John & Isabell Knockakirwan
14 Dec 1831 Lettitia James & Betty Annaghbog

27 Feb 1832 John John & Isabell Knockakirwan

31 May 1832 Anne Alexander & Ruth Pullis

07 Sep 1832 Francis Francis & Anne Annaghbog

18 Oct 1834 Sally Abraham & Ruth Pullis

04 Dec 1834 Margaret James & Betty Annaghbog

10 Sep 1841 Alexander Alex &Ruth Pullis

10 Apr 1847 James Alex & Ruth Pullis

End of Waddell’s

0 Waddell Marriages

0 Deaths in Glennan Reg