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Subject: Need Help!!
Author: Minnie DiAngelo
Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Classification: Query
Surnames: Spada, Meloni

Hi, I'm writing this for help on information on my great-great grandfather. His name was Giovanni Spada, born on October 3, 1885 in Teramo, Italy. He immigrated from Italy to Camden, Camden, New Jersey in 1910 (I think.)He died on March 9, 1954. He married Concetta Meloni in 1911 and had 5 children with her. I also must mention he went by John here in America, obviously Giovanni being the Italian version of it. His wife died very young in 1937 due to diabetes when she was 45. I've found the marriage index, the 1940 census and the 1930 census, and his gravesite but that's it!! I would really like to find his parents or even his siblings. My family has no knowledge on him because my grandmother (his grandaughter) was only 14 when he died and he didn't even speak English! Not one lick. She (my grandmother) said he would ramble on and on and she didn't understand him. If you could help that would be great!!!! Thank You.