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Subject: Re: Need help with my great grandfather, Joseph DiAngelo, Camden New Jersey.
Author: sbny357
Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018
Classification: Query

You may want to question some of the dates you’re working with. For one thing, I’m struck by the fact that the Feb birthdate, when flipped from American to European format, looks somewhat similar to the Dec birthdate (I.e., 2/12 becomes 12/2 and then perhaps 12/21.

Second, US records seem to point to an earlier birthdate than Dec 1897, and he may have altered his birth year in any case. His WWI draft registration says he was born in 1894. Here’s a candidate for his birth record, with father Michele (which sounds a bit like Nicola in Italian):

And here’s the family in the 1930 census:

And in 1920:

If you can locate his marriage record in NJ, it should have his parents’ names on it.