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Subject: Schnueringer from Switzerland or Germany?
Author: RSomers2230
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Classification: Query
Surnames: Schnueringer, Feller, Hauser, Reist

I am looking for the Henrich Carl Albert Schnueringer family. He
was born Sept of 1852 in Switzerland and married Maria Louise
Hauser. His father was Carl Schnueringer b. about 1830.
He married a Elizabeth Feller. I have no dates for her.
Carl and Maria had 10 children but only 4 lived to adulthood and
came to America. They immagration about 1883 and settled in
Ohio. Some of the children were buried in Switzerland in towns
with the names: Rohobus, Bendliken, Hirsiqnden, Oberstiass,
Zurich. I am not sure if they are spelled correctly or not.
Thank for any information you can give me. These people are
hard to find.