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Subject: Researching David Vance & Elizabeth Carmeny
Author: Cyndi Thornburg
Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017
Classification: Query
Surnames: Vance Carmeny

Looking for information on my ancestors.

I am a David Vance descendant and have come across some confusion in all the David Vances listed.

My ancestor David Vance, was the husband of Elizabeth (Betsey) Carmeny. He was born 1798 in Tennessee.

There are stories reportedly describing David Vance and his Cherokee Indian wife, Morning Star "Elizabeth", roaming the hills of Virginia.

Many claim that Elizabeth was a Cherokee, but I have found some state that her surname was Carmeny. Their "children" includes David (born 1816 in Carter County Tennessee). This David Vance is the one who married Melinda Elizabeth (Betsy) Rose, daughter of Elias Rose & the son of David and Morning Star i.e.... Elizabeth (Betsey) Carmeny-Vance.

I have found NO Birth Records on Elizabeth Carmeny though several state her "parents" with all their information. I find this peculiar & mysterious.

I am also wondering if there were two different wives, Morning Star (Cherokee) and Elizabeth Carmeny. OR IF Morning Star adopted the name Elizabeth Carmeny and then "parents" were assigned to her to hide the Cherokee blood.

I also find that Carmeny is spelt so many different ways definitely adding confusion to the pot.

I appreciate any and all help and any solid documents and pictures welcome. Any and all information is appreciated. Thank you for your help.