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Subject: Hugh Boyd of Ballycastle, co. Antrim, N. Ireland
Author: sw
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Boyd, Ross, Montgomery

The search for Ballycastle on this Boyd board
produced a nil result, which was rather surprising.
Perhaps the search engine is not working properly.

Some notes for Hugh Boyd and Ballycastle which I had noted were :

When Dr. Pococke, Fellow of the Royal Society, visited Ballycastle in 1752 he wrote:

"Ballycastle is a strong instance of the assiduity and judgment of one person, Mr. Boyd, to whom the place belongs and who holds it as a fee farm under Lord Antrim. Mr. Boyd's great work was to make a safe harbour for shipping, which he has done most effectually."

Earlier, Sir Robert MAXWELL of Orchardtoun in Kirkcudbrightshire, who through his wife, Marion, daughter of Sir Robert McClelland, Lord Kirkcudbright, acquired the manor of BALLYCASTLE situated on the north-eastern corner of County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The 1774 will of Ann Maxwell of Ennisbrogue (Finnebrogue ?) co. Down
mentioned nephew John Adair who was a surgeon with Wolfe at Quebec.
There was a Sir Robert Maxwell, (attainted 1689 by James II),
m. 2ndly Dowager Countess of Clanbrassill.
There was a Henry Maxwell and Jane Ecklin of Finebrogue.

Some other names possibly associated with Boyds in the Ballycastle area were :
Robert Millikine of Ballyholme, will probated 1712, witnesses were
his son-in-law Alexander Dunlop (Dunlap) and his son Robert
and John Steele, George Ross and John Clealand (McClelland ?)

Quintin Millikin, bc1664 married Marion Crymble, possibly the grand-daughter of Waterhouse Crymble of Donaghadee,
custom officer of that town between 1625 and 1649. Quintin Millikin was one of three creditors who in 1711 who was named in a document with John Montgomery and William Smith.

In the 1770's a slump hit the linen industry and this resulted in emigration from the Ballycastle area to America.
Dr. R. J. Dickson, "Ulster Emigration to Colonial America, 1718 - 1775, wrote
" that an emigrant vessel called the "Philadelphia" of 300 tons called at Ballycastle on its way to America."

Would any of the above families, or descendants have emigrated with Boyds to America, i.e. George Ross, Adair, and Montgomery families ?