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Subject: John Boyd of Ballymena, co. Antrim, N. Ireland
Author: sw
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Boyd, Colville, Adair

Boyd of co. Antrim, N. Ireland in Adair files.
6 Aug 1650
Receipt from Alexander Colvill (relative of Boyd ?)
to John McBoyd (?)
for money paid on behalf of Colonel Hill,
part of account between
Sir Robert Adair (the first) and Colonel Hill
for rent charge due out of the lands of
Glenachertie (Clonaghherty / Clonayherty).
(Colville may have married a Boyd,
perhaps parents of wife of Sir Robert Adair)

n.b. an interesting connection to Houston family was :
2 May 1662
Copies of 3 deeds, being leases by
William Adair, Ballymenogh (Ballymena),
son of Sir Robert Adair (the first),
to William Houstone, Kulnabacky (Cullybackey)
(relative of Adair & possibly descendant of Boyd)
and to Archibald Adair, his brother,
two halves of moiety of all the
castles, manors, towns, villages, hamlets,
lands, tenements and hereditaments
in the tough, territory or precinct of land
called Clonayherty in the County of Antrim,
8 Dec. 1660, and 7 Jan. 1658, respectively,
and also assignment of the same
by Archibald Adair, after William Adair’s decease,
to William Houston, Culnebakky,
on condition of payment of certain sums
by William Houston to William Adair’s children.

6 Oct 1699
Lease of the whole of James Boyde’s possession
as it was lately surveyed
and is now possessed by Robert Smith and his partners,
belonging to James Boyde’s farm:
Sir Robert Adair (the second)
to Robert Ailon and his son, George,
of Leymore (Leamore / Leighmore).

3 May 1715
Release of towns and lands of Upper Grainge,
Lower Grainge, Ash Parke, Small Parkes,
Bally Truckle, several parks in the lands of Sleakell,
all in the liberties or county of the City of Waterford :
also of messuages or tenements in High Street,
6 tenements with the grounds and appurtenances
in Barry Strand Street,
house or tenement in High Street,
house or tenement in Milk Lane,
holdings, messuages, lands and tenements
in Ringtower Yard and New Street,
stables and yard in Ringtower Lane or New Street,
land without St. John’s Gate, city of Waterford,
house or tenement in the Key (Quay) of the City,
called Green Coffee House,
lands in Trinity parish :
Thomas Hallam and Mary, his wife,
with the consent of Sir Robert Adair,
to Alexander Boyd, City of Waterford.

10 July 1723
Lease and release of Kingsmeadow,
part of the lands of Lower Grange
and the lands of Sheakell
and all other houses, lands, tenements
hereditaments and waste plots of ground
within the City of Waterford
which were part of the estate of Thomas Hallam:
Alexander Boyd, City of Waterford
to Sir Robert Adair.

10 Dec 1723
Lease of 2 parts of parcel of land in the
townland of Ballygarvey
in the manor of Killhillstown alias Ballymenogh (Ballymena)
for 86 years:
Sir Robert Adair (the second) to John Boyd, farmer.

22 June 1738
“Lease of farm land being a part of Dungall,
bounded on the north by the Clogh water,
in the Manor of Killhilststown alias Ballymena,
for 86 years:
Sir Robert Adair to James Miller and James Boyd, farmers.