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Subject: Re: Military records for grandfather in Sweden
Author: bohjohan
Date: Thursday, August 22, 2019
Classification: Query

The mother Sissa Persson died 1924-05-10(?), the father Nils Svensson died 1925-09-06, and the brother Sven died 1918-09-07.
Osby (L) AIIa:7 (1917-1928) Image 590 / Page 851 (AID: v252556.b590.s851, NAD: SE/LLA/13300).

Nils Svensson's estate inventory of 14 Nov 1925 names as heirs the sons Aug. Nilsson, Emil Nilsson, Axel Nilsson, Ivan Nilsson and the daughter Bengta Nilsson, all living at known addresses in USA. Plus the daughter Anna Nilsson living in Osby.

// Bo Johansson