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Subject: Karna 1782, Carna 1785, did someone die?
Author: melindatsuraa
Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Classification: Query

My ancestor Håkan Olsson & wife Signe Larsdotter had a daughter Karna Håkansdotter born 9 March 1782. Skarhult (M) CI:2 (1756-1861) Image: 590 Page: 53, v106729a.b590.s53

Then about three years later had a daughter named Carna Håkansdotter 29 July 1785. Skarhult (M) CI:2 (1756-1861) Image: 640 Page: 58, v106729a.b640.s58

I wondered if the first daughter Karna had died, and then the parents named the next daughter Carna?

So, I searched for the Malmöhus, Skarhult Death and Funeral records, it referred me to the same book in which I found the birth records: Skarhult CI:1 (1686-1755) (AID: v106728 Open, NAD: SE/LLA/13341)

I searched the few pages between Karna 1782's birth and Carna's 1785 birth, to try and find a Karna's death. And think? I possibly found it here. Skarhult (M) CI:2 (1756-1861) Image: 600 Page: 54, v106729a.b600.s54.

Can someone look at this and see if it's in fact Karna 1782 who died? And can someone also help interpret the columns at the top of this page (I've attached the final image as reference) Skarhult (M) CI:2 (1756-1861) Image: 600 Page: 54, v106729a.b600.s54

Thank you very much!