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Subject: Re: List: Cherokee Surnames Henderson Roll Indians of Color
Author: jillcookseynelson66
Date: Saturday, March 19, 2016
Classification: Query
Surnames: Any

There were so many mixed Indian Europeans in what is now Alabama and Georgia in the 1700s, it is very difficult to determine your ancestors true tribe. Technically, Many historians believe the Creek, Chickasaw, and Choctaw and several other tribes are all of Cherokee Origin anyway. There are varying opinions on this. There are many more records and written documents available than I had imagined, with names, both Indian and European, on them. The problem is finding cross references. Its impossible without documented family oral history of it, and that makes it pretty challenging. Whats even more complicating is that many applicants were turned down if they were determined to be anything other than Cherokee. Location of hometowns recorded by the creeks would have given that away. As well, applicants were required to prove the presence of a relative at the final Treaty Signing in (Chattanooga?), I believe. (I mean really, did they all speak the English language fully?), IDK. So I would suggest you get a map of Indians tribe location in the Southeast and then try to match up where your family was living during that time, and see which tribes may have been living in the same general area. But then again people moved, so I wish you luck. I am a historian in Tennessee and I run into walls all the time. Best wishes with your story.