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Subject: Indexing electronic documents
Author: keithnuttle
Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Classification: Query

I am looking for a piece of software to help me manage and index my documents most are in either PDF or JPG format.

Ideally the program would find these documents place them in database, and then at my convenience I could add information as to the content of each documents.

From the database, I should then be able to search on the file name or on information, key words that I have added to indicate the content of the document.

I currently have the files index in two ways. For the genealogy documents they are in folders for the major family and then in folders for each of the marry-in-families. Each family folder (major and marry-in) has folders for burial information, pictures documents, etc. These folders may have PDF and JPG's

The other system of organization Is in a Year/Month #/Month name system and is all JPG.

I have about 30 GB of data in these folders and because of the size things are becoming difficult to find, especially if I remember the document, but can not remember the folder.