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Subject: Re: Harold & Joseph Elbon
Author: James_Elbon
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Classification: Query
Surnames: Elbon

According to my Family Tree Maker program, Harold, and Joseph are my Great Grand Uncles. Their brother, James Cylvester Elbon is my Great Grandfather. His son William Walter Elbon moved his family from Webster Springs, WV, to St. Petersburg, Florida in a covered wagon. We cousins, use to play in it during family reunions.
In 1912, His brother, Arthur Boyd Elbon, my Grand Uncle, chartered a special car to move his family, from WV down to St Petersburg.
They had a sister, Dottie E. Elbon, in WV that I don’t know much about.
I just started working on this genealogy project, so I’m still missing information. I have one Aunt Edna, who is still alive, and can answer many of these questions. I am trying to find a mutually available time to meet with her.
William Walter Ebon b. 19 Sep 1870, Sand Run, Upshire, WV d. 11 Oct 1953, Largo, Pinellas, FL
Spouse: Francena Nancy Gregory, b. 08 Apr 1878, ?, d. 19 Feb 1918, Largo, Pinellas, Fl
Agatha Estelle Elbon
Lucy Elbon
James Walter Elbon
Gladys Wilma Elbon
Virgil Elbon
William Luther Elbon
Hazel Elbon
(Half sister) Elbon
Agatha Estelle Elbon, b. 25 Dec 1894, Webster Springs, Webster, WV, d. 15 Dec 1979, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL
Married Lenard Allen 1914, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Fl, b. 29 Jun 1890 Largo, Pinellas, Fl d. 30 Jan 1936, St Petersburg, Pinellas, FL

Lucy Elbon b. 1898, Webster Springs, Webster, WV, d. 01 Sep 1986, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL
Married: Walter A Belew, b. 1893, Florida
Viola E Belew, b. 1915
Louise Belew, b. 1917
Lucile Belew, b. 1917
James Walter Elbon, b. 04 Jun 1900, Webster Springs, Webster, WV, d. 22 Apr 1978, Lakeland, Polk, Fl
Married Thora Arizona Thorner, 1936, Tampa, Hillsborough, FL, b. 29 Nov 1914, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA
James Walter. Elbon, Jr. , b. 19 Dec 1939. Tampa, Hillsborough, FL
Lorna Vera Elbon, b. 04 Nov 1942, Tampa, Hillsborough, FL
Gladys Wilma Elbon, b. 04 Apr 1903, d. 16 Dec 1987, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL
Married John A Knoop (no additional information at this time)
Virgil Elbon, b. 1905
Married: Velma E. Davis, Sep 1925, St Petersburg, Pinellas, FL (no additional information at this time)
Evelyn L. Elbon, b. 20 Apr 1907, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Fl, d. 21 Apr 1988, Fullerton, Orange, CA
Married: Sorrels (no additional information at this time)
William Luther Elbon, b. 14 Jun 1909, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL, d. 26 Nov 1976, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Fl
Married: Edna Earl Pittman
Marie (half sister)
Patricia Ann Elbon, b. & d. 25 Dec 1949, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL
Earl Luther Elbon
Carol Jean Elbon
Hazel Elbon
(No additional information at this time)
I found much more information on my mother’s side of the family, and am spending most of my research time there.
Harold Franklin Ebon’s Father is Harold C. Elbon, and I believe his father is Harold Reed Elbon.
Do you know who Harold Reed’s father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, and etc. is?
I hope this helps.
James W. Elbon, Jr.