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Subject: Eichelberger - Jefferson County, WV
Author: bah125177
Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Classification: Query
Surnames: Eichelberger

Jefferson County, WV probate records: In the January term, 1835, of the county court, there is an order for Francis Gardner, James M. Brown, Thomas Briscoe, and John Griggs Sr. or any 3 of them to appraise the slaves the other personal property of Adam Eichelberger. The list of property was submitted 13 Feb 1835 in the amount of $3661. After the property was sold, George and Joseph Eichelberger submitted the account. Purchasers included John Briscoe, Thomas, Burns, Thomas Griggs, James Rooper, Uriah Lock, Thomas Perry, Thomas Ralens (probably Rawlins), Daniel Strider, John Keller, Wm. Cleveland, John Kable.