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Subject: Crawleys
Author: Robert Anderson
Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2000

I didn'tknow about the crawley from the us.s.Arizona.My uncle,James Crawley,was a paratrooper in CO"B"1/506th Abn Inf,101 Airborne Division(the same unit the Private Ryan of the Spielberg movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN)my uncle jumped at Normandy,Niejmegen-Arnhem,fought at The Bulge and in Korea.He stood 6'4''tall-looked like the 1940'sactor Dennis Morgan.when I saw him for the first time I resolved to become a paratrooper like him.I ended up in Co"C"1/325 Abn Inf-82Airborne Division.Unfortunately,I served during the Viet Nam War when the military was not venerated as in WWII.Perhaps you can understand my interest in the "Military Crawleys" I do remember one very interesting Crawley among the Virginia Rev War regiments.When reading the microfilm rollsI said to myself "Now there's a real soldier!I will look him upagain.There must be a Crawley somewhere who would like to know of this guy.
Regards-Robert Anderson