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Subject: Re: Longcor/Longcore Sussex County NJ 1749
Author: little333bit
Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Classification: Query

hi my name is christine longcor. im so glad i found you . iv been lots of places iv hurd your name come up wonder so many times who you are. my gramfather lived in beemerville nj. i grow up with him i was the only girl in his family grand daughter that is. he told me many storys. one thing i no for sure is we have indain in us big time he told me my great gramfather was a shawman that must be why i play the drum and do so much art from the old ways. my gramfather said its a very special gift i was born with. but i feel so alone cause i dont understand it all. please i sure could use some help with all this.thay say im like a record keeper what ever that all means. my grampa use to say dont tell no one. but to late for that. i have powerfull dreams and so much more. please if you would call thank you 973 293 3353 christine longcor