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Subject: Nazaire Lagace married Adele Duguay had daughter Emile...Millie Miller
Author: sapphire641
Date: Sunday, December 29, 2002
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lagace,Duguay, Miller, Loiselle

I have my great grandmother's info but am looking for the possiblity of an indian connection to this family.
Here is what I have ....

Nazaire Lagace married Adele Duguay.
They had children and I would like to find all of them.
I do have my great great grandmother, Emilie Lagace. She married Robert Loiselle betwwen 18 jan.-18 feb. 1866 in port daniel, Quebec. Her obit states she was 92 years old when she died and was born in 1840-1850 ...died 28 Feb. 1931 in Flint Michigan.

She came to Cheboygan, Michigan around 1897 with her husband Robert Loiselle. He died and is buried in Cheboygan 1898. Robert and Emilie's daughter, Catherine Loiselle,my great grandmother married a fullblood Chippewa great grandfather. The same year of Cheboygan. They had many grandmother was Josephine Marie Lancour.
When my grandfather died, Emilie married again, a chippewa man...George Duffina. Why would a canadian woman come directly over to the US and pick two indian men to marry here....? I get the feeling she was indian or maybe mixed...metis....Does anyone know about my family? I also wonder why she changed her name from Lagace to Miller.
On my gr granmother's death record Emilie was called Millie
Miller..many other records list her as unknown...or Millie Wezell spelling chanmged to pronounce the french name...
When did this family change to Miller...Who came to the US and who stayed in CAnada...Were they Metis...or indian at all.
I have photos...Catherine is beautiful and "looks" metis....if you can confirm or add any info to my research I will greatly appreciate it..and will help you also. if possiblr, in return.