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Subject: Re: seeking family history/origin from Chiquimula, San Jose Larada, Zacapa , Bananera
Author: Jeremiah Vance
Date: Sunday, November 25, 2018
Classification: Query
Surnames: Franco

Hello! Thank you for posting this!
I'm really looking forward to speaking with you!

My mother's last name is Franco-Aragon, born to Franco-Cordova, born to Andres Franco who immigrated from Europe to Guatemala and was a traveling salesman and apparently disowned by his family for converting to a fransciscan version of Christianity. I've read online there is a history of messianic judiasim both in the Franco-Sephardic (and Sephardic) tradition going back to their migration out of Israel before Jerusalem fell in 70ad. My mother was born in 1938 as the youngest of 5 in Zacapa, Guatemala and immigrated to the US when she was 18 with two living siblings also living in the US.

We never really knew anything about my mother's side of the family, all of which I'm discovering now. I only just discovered that Franco is a Sephardic Jewish Surname. This explains why I was born to a Guatemalan woman but look completely white complected with hazel eyes. It also explains why I got a graduate education in Hebrew linguistics lol and my mom didn't teach me Spanish, go figure.

I'd love to hear anything that is known about the Franco family in Zacapa, Guatemala from before WWII. I suspect my mother has relatives still in the area that I've never met and am exceptionally interested in anything that is known about the Sephardic Jewish Franco family that immigrated to that area.

Thank you so much!

Jeremiah Vance