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Subject: Re: Canada Seguin
Author: Teresa Zephro
Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Classification: Query
Surnames: Seguin Laderoute

I have an Albert Seguin in my database born abt. that time to a Jean Baptiste Seguin Laderoute and an Emma Seguin Laderoute (yes, Seguin Laderoute is her maiden name too). This Seguin family is from Quebec to Ogdensburg NY.

Their children were Desolina "Lena" Louise b. 11/11/1885, Joseph Ozada, Cleopha, Adian, Amelia Grace Alma, Edward, Oscar, William, Elizabeth, and Albert. I don't have birthdates on thes other children but safe to say Albert is born in the right time frame to possibly be your Albert.

The parents of Albert's father Jean Bap. are Eustache Seguin and Philomene (Fanny) Duquette. The parents of Emma Seguin, Albert's mother, are Abraham Seguin Laderoute and Melanie ??? unknown surname possibly Seguin too.

Abraham and Melanie's daughter Marie Mathilde Seguin Laderoute married Francis William Belanger at my family church, Notre Dame RC Church, Ogdensburg, NY. That is how I come to have this Seguin family in my database. My aunt married a Seguin, Seguin's were a part of our family since the early 1800's.

Some of these Seguins also went by Laderoute, Sayers, Sayer, Sears, and Sawyer at times. I would look for those names if you are at a brick wall. Some moved to Tonawanda, NY, where I now live, and some later went to Detroit. My aunt and her husband went to Rose de Lima outside Ottawa. They used the name Seguin, Sayers, and Laderoute at various times which is why it took me forever to find them. Laderoute is their "dit" name.

If this doesn't help you, I hope it helps someone!! Seguin is a very common name but as far as I know, the Seguins in Northern NY pretty much are all connected to the same family.