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Subject: William K Oiler
Author: James Johnson
Date: Monday, July 19, 1999

Samuel Oiler and his first wife Polly Caldwell had a son John Oiler. He married Mary Skinner. Their first child was Malinda Oiler, who married John Johnson; they were my great grandparents.

Malinda had a sister Sarah Ann Oiler (23 March 1856 - 24 March 1974) who married William Franklin McFarland in Gallia county on 14 August 1873. They had many children. Son Lewis William McFarland (25 October 1878 - 19 December 1961) married Louisa Shenefield in Gallia county on 30 September 1900. They had a daughter named Flossie E McFarland (10 October 1901 - 11 November 1969) who married Alva Cecil Oiler at Gallipolis on 26 November 1919.

Alva Cecil Oiler was the son of, or maybe raised by John J Oiler and Elva Ervin; I know nothing about this John and Elva.

Alva Cecil Oiler and Flossie Mae McFarland had twelve children, incluindg William K Oiler.

I have more information but it is too much trouble to type it all into the internet. I can send you the rest of the information by mail if you send me your postal address.

Best wishes,

James Johnson