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Subject: Re: Wenban Origins
Author: peterwenban
Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Classification: Query

Hi !

I think that in all of this one should be aware that adjoning Wenbans to the south is what was a substantial property, Wadhurst Park. This was the focus of much high level social activity throughout its life and the focus for hunting parties, as Sussex offered great hunting country,great balls etc., etc., You can get its history on a web site. It is therefore highly likely that Wenbans was used as a hunting lodge at time, if only to get the men out of the women's way in Wadhust Park, in the hunting expeditions. This however, does not elevate Wenbans to more than a convenient place to be based at for a short few days hunting.

Wadhust Park is now a public place and parkland for the public to enjoy.