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Subject: Wenban Origins
Author: frederickwenban
Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008
Classification: Query

Ok , we have firmly established the ancestry of the Wenban line, now I would like to pose a bigger question. We have traced back all the Wenban ancestry to Wenbans (Wenbourns) Farm and when it was named and by whom. c 1320 History Wenbams [als Wenbourne] Ref.Wace's Wadhurst
"(The property)….Wenban is named in Edward II's time as belonging to the Earl of Richmond and Duke of Brittany - lords of the Rape of Hastings, in Manor of Bibleham (who's name just happened to be John)..............It then became the property of the family of Whitfield, who gave it the name of Wenbans, when Robert Whitfield married Kathleen, widow of Wenborne of Wenbans, and settled there..

So Wenborne already owned it in late 1200 early 1300 when it was named. and the original name came from the fact it was a Saxon Chiefttains Village by the Stream.(Wenna Burn) Then in Early 1300's the name John de Wenbourn , Hugh de Waneborn, Lawence de Wanebourn (de.. of Wenbans)all of this around the time it was named by (John de Bretgne)the Earl of Richmond. So what was the connection? and continuing conection with the Royals?
Early Royal hunting lodge? right through to Edward the III with his escapades with Wallis Simpson? Hmmm I wonder what the connection was?